C64 Software  <  SCA: The C64 Software Collection / LM

; Load: 49152 ($C000), len: 1105 ($0451) bytes

C000  78          SEI
C001  A9 7F       LDA #$7F
C003  8D 0D DC    STA $DC0D
C006  A9 01       LDA #$01
C008  8D 1A D0    STA $D01A
C00B  A9 01       LDA #$01
C00D  85 9B       STA $9B
C00F  A9 1B       LDA #$1B
C011  8D 14 03    STA $0314
C014  A9 C0       LDA #$C0
C016  8D 15 03    STA $0315
C019  58          CLI
C01A  60          RTS
C01B  AD 19 D0    LDA $D019
C01E  8D 19 D0    STA $D019
C021  29 01       AND #$01
C023  F0 47       BEQ $C06C
C025  C6 9B       DEC $9B
C027  10 04       BPL $C02D
C029  A9 01       LDA #$01
C02B  85 9B       STA $9B
C02D  A6 9B       LDX $9B
C02F  BD 74 C0    LDA $C074,X
C032  8D 21 D0    STA $D021
C035  BD 7E C0    LDA $C07E,X
C038  8D 00 DD    STA $DD00
C03B  BD 76 C0    LDA $C076,X
C03E  8D 11 D0    STA $D011
C041  BD 78 C0    LDA $C078,X
C044  8D 16 D0    STA $D016
C047  BD 7C C0    LDA $C07C,X
C04A  8D 20 D0    STA $D020
C04D  BD 80 C0    LDA $C080,X
C050  8D 22 D0    STA $D022
C053  BD 82 C0    LDA $C082,X
C056  8D 23 D0    STA $D023
C059  BD 7A C0    LDA $C07A,X
C05C  8D 18 D0    STA $D018
C05F  BD 72 C0    LDA $C072,X
C062  8D 12 D0    STA $D012
C065  AD 0D DC    LDA $DC0D
C068  29 01       AND #$01
C06A  F0 03       BEQ $C06F
C06F  4C 31 EA    JMP $EA31
C072  E8          INX
C073  1E 0F 00    ASL $000F,X
C076  3B          ??
C077  1B          ??
C078  D8          CLD
C079  C8          INY
C07A  18          CLC
C07B  15 0F       ORA $0F,X
C07D  00          BRK
C07E  97          ??
C07F  97          ??
C080  01 02       ORA ($02,X)
C082  02          ??
C083  01 10       ORA ($10,X)
C085  51 28       EOR ($28),Y
C087  2E 1A 07    ROL $071A
C08A  07          ??
C08B  06 0D       ASL $0D
C08D  05 00       ORA $00
C08F  05 78       ORA $78
C091  20 15 FD    JSR $FD15
C094  20 A3 FD    JSR $FDA3
C097  4C 18 E5    JMP $E518
C09A  AD 00 DC    LDA $DC00
C09D  49 FF       EOR #$FF
C09F  29 1F       AND #$1F
C0A1  C9 01       CMP #$01
C0A3  F0 3C       BEQ $C0E1
C0A5  C9 02       CMP #$02
C0A7  F0 38       BEQ $C0E1
C0A9  C9 04       CMP #$04
C0AB  F0 34       BEQ $C0E1
C0AD  C9 08       CMP #$08
C0AF  F0 30       BEQ $C0E1
C0B1  C9 10       CMP #$10
C0B3  F0 2C       BEQ $C0E1
C0B5  A5 C5       LDA $C5
C0B7  C9 0E       CMP #$0E
C0B9  D0 04       BNE $C0BF
C0BB  A9 01       LDA #$01
C0BD  D0 22       BNE $C0E1
C0BF  C9 12       CMP #$12
C0C1  D0 04       BNE $C0C7
C0C3  A9 02       LDA #$02
C0C5  D0 1A       BNE $C0E1
C0C7  C9 25       CMP #$25
C0C9  D0 04       BNE $C0CF
C0CB  A9 04       LDA #$04
C0CD  D0 12       BNE $C0E1
C0CF  C9 2A       CMP #$2A
C0D1  D0 04       BNE $C0D7
C0D3  A9 08       LDA #$08
C0D5  D0 0A       BNE $C0E1
C0D7  C9 3C       CMP #$3C
C0D9  D0 04       BNE $C0DF
C0DB  A9 10       LDA #$10
C0DD  D0 02       BNE $C0E1
C0DF  A9 00       LDA #$00
C0E1  8D E5 C0    STA $C0E5
C0E4  60          RTS
C0E5  10 A9       BPL $C090
C0E7  40          RTI
C0E8  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C0EB  A9 00       LDA #$00
C0ED  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C0F0  A9 20       LDA #$20
C0F2  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C0F5  A9 00       LDA #$00
C0F7  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C0FA  AD 88 C0    LDA $C088
C0FD  0A          ASL A
C0FE  0A          ASL A
C0FF  0A          ASL A
C100  90 04       BCC $C106
C102  EE 85 C0    INC $C085
C105  18          CLC
C106  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C109  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C10C  A9 00       LDA #$00
C10E  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C111  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C114  AD 89 C0    LDA $C089
C117  8D 8E C0    STA $C08E
C11A  A9 00       LDA #$00
C11C  8D 8F C0    STA $C08F
C11F  A2 06       LDX #$06
C121  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C124  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C127  CA          DEX
C128  D0 F7       BNE $C121
C12A  18          CLC
C12B  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C12E  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C131  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C134  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C137  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C13A  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C13D  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C140  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C143  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C146  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C149  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C14C  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C14F  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C152  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C155  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C158  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C15B  AD 8C C0    LDA $C08C
C15E  0A          ASL A
C15F  0A          ASL A
C160  0A          ASL A
C161  90 04       BCC $C167
C163  EE 87 C0    INC $C087
C166  18          CLC
C167  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C16A  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C16D  A9 00       LDA #$00
C16F  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C172  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C175  AD 8D C0    LDA $C08D
C178  8D 8E C0    STA $C08E
C17B  A9 00       LDA #$00
C17D  8D 8F C0    STA $C08F
C180  A2 06       LDX #$06
C182  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C185  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C188  CA          DEX
C189  D0 F7       BNE $C182
C18B  18          CLC
C18C  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C18F  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C192  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C195  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C198  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C19B  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C19E  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C1A1  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C1A4  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C1A7  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C1AA  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C1AD  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C1B0  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C1B3  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C1B6  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C1B9  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C1BC  60          RTS
C1BD  48          PHA
C1BE  98          TYA
C1BF  48          PHA
C1C0  A0 00       LDY #$00
C1C2  A9 00       LDA #$00
C1C4  D0 11       BNE $C1D7
C1C6  B1 FD       LDA ($FD),Y
C1C8  8D 8E C0    STA $C08E
C1CB  B1 FB       LDA ($FB),Y
C1CD  91 FD       STA ($FD),Y
C1CF  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C1D2  91 FB       STA ($FB),Y
C1D4  18          CLC
C1D5  90 04       BCC $C1DB
C1D7  B1 FB       LDA ($FB),Y
C1D9  91 FD       STA ($FD),Y
C1DB  18          CLC
C1DC  A9 01       LDA #$01
C1DE  65 FB       ADC $FB
C1E0  85 FB       STA $FB
C1E2  A9 00       LDA #$00
C1E4  65 FC       ADC $FC
C1E6  85 FC       STA $FC
C1E8  18          CLC
C1E9  A9 01       LDA #$01
C1EB  65 FD       ADC $FD
C1ED  85 FD       STA $FD
C1EF  A9 00       LDA #$00
C1F1  65 FE       ADC $FE
C1F3  85 FE       STA $FE
C1F5  68          PLA
C1F6  A8          TAY
C1F7  68          PLA
C1F8  60          RTS
C1F9  20 E6 C0    JSR $C0E6
C1FC  EA          NOP
C1FD  EA          NOP
C1FE  EA          NOP
C1FF  EA          NOP
C200  EA          NOP
C201  AC 8B C0    LDY $C08B
C204  C0 00       CPY #$00
C206  F0 55       BEQ $C25D
C208  98          TYA
C209  48          PHA
C20A  AE 8A C0    LDX $C08A
C20D  AD 84 C0    LDA $C084
C210  85 FB       STA $FB
C212  AD 85 C0    LDA $C085
C215  85 FC       STA $FC
C217  AD 86 C0    LDA $C086
C21A  85 FD       STA $FD
C21C  AD 87 C0    LDA $C087
C21F  85 FE       STA $FE
C221  E0 00       CPX #$00
C223  F0 0F       BEQ $C234
C225  A0 08       LDY #$08
C227  20 BD C1    JSR $C1BD
C22A  88          DEY
C22B  C0 00       CPY #$00
C22D  D0 F8       BNE $C227
C22F  CA          DEX
C230  E0 00       CPX #$00
C232  D0 F1       BNE $C225
C234  18          CLC
C235  A9 40       LDA #$40
C237  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C23A  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C23D  A9 01       LDA #$01
C23F  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C242  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C245  18          CLC
C246  A9 40       LDA #$40
C248  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C24B  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C24E  A9 01       LDA #$01
C250  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C253  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C256  68          PLA
C257  A8          TAY
C258  88          DEY
C259  C0 00       CPY #$00
C25B  D0 AB       BNE $C208
C25D  EA          NOP
C25E  EA          NOP
C25F  EA          NOP
C260  EA          NOP
C261  58          CLI
C262  60          RTS
C263  00          BRK
C264  00          BRK
C265  00          BRK
C266  20 A0 20    JSR $20A0
C269  00          BRK
C26A  00          BRK
C26B  00          BRK
C26C  00          BRK
C26D  FF          ??
C26E  FF          ??
C26F  6A          ROR A
C270  A9 CC       LDA #$CC
C272  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C275  A9 00       LDA #$00
C277  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C27A  A9 D8       LDA #$D8
C27C  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C27F  A9 00       LDA #$00
C281  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C284  AD 88 C0    LDA $C088
C287  18          CLC
C288  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C28B  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C28E  A9 00       LDA #$00
C290  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C293  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C296  AD 89 C0    LDA $C089
C299  8D 8E C0    STA $C08E
C29C  A9 00       LDA #$00
C29E  8D 8F C0    STA $C08F
C2A1  A2 03       LDX #$03
C2A3  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C2A6  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C2A9  CA          DEX
C2AA  D0 F7       BNE $C2A3
C2AC  18          CLC
C2AD  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C2B0  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C2B3  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C2B6  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C2B9  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C2BC  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C2BF  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C2C2  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C2C5  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C2C8  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C2CB  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C2CE  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C2D1  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C2D4  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C2D7  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C2DA  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C2DD  AD 8C C0    LDA $C08C
C2E0  18          CLC
C2E1  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C2E4  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C2E7  A9 00       LDA #$00
C2E9  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C2EC  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C2EF  AD 8D C0    LDA $C08D
C2F2  8D 8E C0    STA $C08E
C2F5  A9 00       LDA #$00
C2F7  8D 8F C0    STA $C08F
C2FA  A2 03       LDX #$03
C2FC  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C2FF  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C302  CA          DEX
C303  D0 F7       BNE $C2FC
C305  18          CLC
C306  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C309  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C30C  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C30F  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C312  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C315  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C318  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C31B  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C31E  0E 8E C0    ASL $C08E
C321  2E 8F C0    ROL $C08F
C324  AD 8E C0    LDA $C08E
C327  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C32A  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C32D  AD 8F C0    LDA $C08F
C330  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C333  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C336  60          RTS
C337  00          BRK
C338  00          BRK
C339  00          BRK
C33A  00          BRK
C33B  00          BRK
C33C  00          BRK
C33D  00          BRK
C33E  00          BRK
C33F  45 A9       EOR $A9
C341  C8          INY
C342  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C345  A9 00       LDA #$00
C347  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C34A  A9 04       LDA #$04
C34C  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C34F  A9 00       LDA #$00
C351  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C354  4C 84 C2    JMP $C284
C357  00          BRK
C358  AC 8B C0    LDY $C08B
C35B  C0 00       CPY #$00
C35D  F0 4A       BEQ $C3A9
C35F  AE 8A C0    LDX $C08A
C362  AD 84 C0    LDA $C084
C365  85 FB       STA $FB
C367  AD 85 C0    LDA $C085
C36A  85 FC       STA $FC
C36C  AD 86 C0    LDA $C086
C36F  85 FD       STA $FD
C371  AD 87 C0    LDA $C087
C374  85 FE       STA $FE
C376  E0 00       CPX #$00
C378  F0 08       BEQ $C382
C37A  20 BD C1    JSR $C1BD
C37D  CA          DEX
C37E  E0 00       CPX #$00
C380  D0 F8       BNE $C37A
C382  18          CLC
C383  A9 28       LDA #$28
C385  6D 84 C0    ADC $C084
C388  8D 84 C0    STA $C084
C38B  A9 00       LDA #$00
C38D  6D 85 C0    ADC $C085
C390  8D 85 C0    STA $C085
C393  18          CLC
C394  A9 28       LDA #$28
C396  6D 86 C0    ADC $C086
C399  8D 86 C0    STA $C086
C39C  A9 00       LDA #$00
C39E  6D 87 C0    ADC $C087
C3A1  8D 87 C0    STA $C087
C3A4  88          DEY
C3A5  C0 00       CPY #$00
C3A7  D0 B6       BNE $C35F
C3A9  60          RTS
C3AA  29 28       AND #$28
C3AC  02          ??
C3AD  FF          ??
C3AE  02          ??
C3AF  FF          ??
C3B0  20 70 C2    JSR $C270
C3B3  20 58 C3    JSR $C358
C3B6  20 40 C3    JSR $C340
C3B9  20 58 C3    JSR $C358
C3BC  20 F9 C1    JSR $C1F9
C3BF  60          RTS
C3C0  AD AA C3    LDA $C3AA
C3C3  85 FB       STA $FB
C3C5  AD AB C3    LDA $C3AB
C3C8  85 FC       STA $FC
C3D0  A0 00       LDY #$00
C3D2  91 FB       STA ($FB),Y
C3D4  E4 FB       CPX $FB
C3D6  F0 10       BEQ $C3E8
C3D8  A9 01       LDA #$01
C3DA  18          CLC
C3DB  65 FB       ADC $FB
C3DD  85 FB       STA $FB
C3DF  A9 00       LDA #$00
C3E1  65 FC       ADC $FC
C3E3  85 FC       STA $FC
C3E5  18          CLC
C3E6  90 E5       BCC $C3CD
C3E8  AC AD C3    LDY $C3AD
C3EB  C4 FC       CPY $FC
C3ED  D0 E9       BNE $C3D8
C3EF  60          RTS
C3F0  A9 20       LDA #$20
C3F2  8D AB C3    STA $C3AB
C3F5  A9 00       LDA #$00
C3F7  8D AA C3    STA $C3AA
C3FA  A9 3F       LDA #$3F
C3FC  8D AD C3    STA $C3AD
C3FF  A9 FF       LDA #$FF
C401  8D AC C3    STA $C3AC
C404  A9 00       LDA #$00
C406  8D AE C3    STA $C3AE
C409  20 C0 C3    JSR $C3C0
C40C  A9 04       LDA #$04
C40E  8D AB C3    STA $C3AB
C411  A9 00       LDA #$00
C413  8D AA C3    STA $C3AA
C416  A9 07       LDA #$07
C418  8D AD C3    STA $C3AD
C41B  A9 E7       LDA #$E7
C41D  8D AC C3    STA $C3AC
C420  A9 20       LDA #$20
C422  8D AE C3    STA $C3AE
C425  20 C0 C3    JSR $C3C0
C428  A9 D8       LDA #$D8
C42A  8D AB C3    STA $C3AB
C42D  A9 00       LDA #$00
C42F  8D AA C3    STA $C3AA
C432  A9 DB       LDA #$DB
C434  8D AD C3    STA $C3AD
C437  A9 E7       LDA #$E7
C439  8D AC C3    STA $C3AC
C43C  A9 01       LDA #$01
C43E  8D AE C3    STA $C3AE
C441  20 C0 C3    JSR $C3C0
C444  60          RTS
C445  2F          ??
C446  D2          ??
C447  00          BRK
C448  5E 1F 20    LSR $201F,X
C44B  00          BRK
C44C  1B          ??
C44D  03          ??
C44E  00          BRK
C44F  CB          ??
C450  00          BRK