This list shows some other stuff created, coded, cracked, trained, docd and spread by SCA between 1983 and 1988. It also includes cracks and tools made by SCA members before they founded the Swiss Cracking Association.


  Old Theme Rips by Smith T.S.P.
SCA-Demos 01.d64

- Theme Zoids - Theme Phantoms - Theme Strong Man - Theme Gerry the Germ - Theme Harcon - Theme International Karate - Theme Thrust - Theme Spellbound - Theme Helicopter Jagd - Theme 180 - Theme Street Surfer - Theme Panther - Theme Captured - C64 Top Five - C64 Top Five II - Theme Jailbreak - U.C.A's Title
Toolz SCA Toolz Disk 1
SCA-Tools 1.d64

- Dr. Protect (Released under the pseudonyme "Cosmos Software": Protect Software using diskerror 20-29, tracks 1 to 40 and halftracks)
- Speedclone 40 (Copyprogram to Copy protected disks (see above :)))
- Dr. Compact (coded by STI in 1984. A fast but basic compacker)
- Dr. Autostart (coded by STI in 1984. Generates an autostart to run a target .prg)
- SCA-Writer (coded by STI in June 1986. One of the first writers for the c64.)
  The SCA Title-Maker V0.41 Beta

A tool to create Intros
Docs SCA Documentations Disk 1
SCA Isepic Isemon Documentation.d64

- Isepic Anleitung
- Isemonitor Anleitung

And finally some links:

The SIDPLAY Homepage
A tool that plays SID sounds on various platforms

Cool site, lots of stuff
Adam Lorentzon's Homepage
Creator of SIDPLAY for Windows
SCA software archive

Large SID file collection
CCS64 emulator
A shareware C64 emulator

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