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Joystick Port 2:
Cursor-keys to move, Shift to fire
Name: SCA's Miami Vice Theme
Type: Demo
Date: 1987-04-17
Coder: Saturnus the Invincible
Graphics: Saturnus the Invincible, Smith the Software-Pope
Text: Saturnus the Invincible, Smith the Software-Pope
Digitizing: Saturnus the Invincible
Info: After USI released their "Queen" demo that contained an entire floppy disk filled with the digitized tune "Don't Lose Your Head", SCA raised the bar with a four-disk version of Jan Hammer's "Miami Vice" theme. To hear the entire tune you had to have four disk drives or swap disks at the right moment ...
Scroll: The Mega-Mighty Swiss Cracking Association presents: The MIAMI VICE MAXI BLASTER SOUNDTRACK. Coded & digitized in 1987 by STI. Graphics and Text by STI & Smith. Muzak produced and arranged by Jan Hammer. This demo sets a new standard in digisound, coz it's the longest sound ever created on the AMIGA ! Now switching over to some interesting infoz! First, we have to celebrate some anniversaries: The Mega-Mighty Swiss Cracking Association is now 3 years old !!! But that's not the only reason to freak out: It's also the 1st anniversary of our TITLE-Maker !!! The first version (V0.7) was released on April 15, 1986. It contained the first really soft scroller on the AMIGA, although it was fully written in Lattice C !! A big hello to all guys who made these great intros with it !! Some of them were even able to change the startup-message and to create their 'own' cracker-titles and sound-demos!! By the way, do you know our famous intros on the legendary C-64 ? If not, it's time to catch'em !! OK, let's light a megalo-bonfire for all our countless friends! Especially to: D.S. Compware (How is your Software-Knilch?) - UCA (nice intro) - Big Apple (What about the Exitor Piccy?) - The Dynamic-Duo (we're looking forward to your intro) - Danish Gold - Irata! - Chris (nice phonecalls) - ACS (Germany) - ACS (Australia) - ACS (Holland) - Radwar and the others of TLC - The Star Frontiers - 1001 Crew (nice intros) - Hotline (nice demo) - Electro - Aphrodite - New Balance Bochum - The Movers - Explorer - OGM Crew - Night Birds Breaking Crew - HQC (nice sounds) - Spot 3001 - Soft Pioneers - FFS - Megabyte - HCA - Digital Arts - Newlook - Funsoft - New Edition - TDM - Magic - Starline - Synthiwizard - SSI and of course to Bantam, Zamtan & Mach, the 3 Software-Gods. OK, that's it!
Disk: disks/SCA-MiamiViceA.adf
Disk: disks/SCA-MiamiViceB.adf
Disk: disks/SCA-MiamiViceC.adf
Disk: disks/SCA-MiamiViceD.adf