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Joystick Port 2:
Cursor-keys to move, Shift to fire
Name: ByteSCApe
Type: 256 Byte Demo
Date: 2024-03-08
Coder: Saturnus the Invincible
Disk: disks/ByteSCApe.adf
Source: ByteSCApe.asm
Info: A crappy 256 byte demo that draws the SCA logo in the style of our C64 demo "Flexible" from 1987. Uses mildly creative ways to access libraries and output text using BCPL functions.

* ByteSCApe: draw the SCA logo in 256 bytes. Coded by Saturnus the Invincible. *
* The Mega-Mighty Swiss Cracking Association - reaching out to you! 2024-03-08 *

                include "graphics/graphics_lib.i"
                include "graphics/rastport.i"
                include "intuition/screens.i"

wrch		equ	$e0			; d1:char
writespaces	equ	$d4			; d2:amount
intuitionbase	equ	$170			; globvec offset
eb_gfxbase	equ	$9c			; execbase offset

_main:		moveq	#32,d0			; bcpl stack frame size
		moveq	#78,d2			; 78 spaces
		movea.l	writespaces(a2),a4	; get routine from globvec
		jsr	(a5)			; call bcpl

		lea	text(pc),a0
.charloop:	move.b	(a0)+,d1
		beq.b	.text_done
		movea.l	wrch(a2),a4
		move.l	a0,d5			; wrch() preserves d5 but not a0
		jsr	(a5)
		moveq	#' ',d1
		movea.l	wrch(a2),a4
		jsr	(a5)
		movea.l	d5,a0
		bra.b	.charloop
		movea.l	intuitionbase(a2),a6
		movea.l	ib_ActiveScreen(a6),a1
		lea	sc_RastPort(a1),a1
		movea.l	4.w,a6
		movea.l	eb_gfxbase(a6),a6	; shortcut to graphics.library

		moveq	#1,d0			; white
		jsr	_LVOSetAPen(a6)		; preserves a1, nice!

		lea	sca_logo(pc),a4
		movem.w	(a4)+,d3-d7/a3		; #lines,x,y,length,dx,dy
.stem_loop:	bsr.b	draw_line
		addi.w	#140,d4			; x
		dbf	d3,.stem_loop

.draw_loop:	move.w	(a4)+,d0		; dx
		beq.b	draw_done
		add.w	d0,d4			; d4: x
		move.b	(a4)+,d0		; dy
		ext.w	d0
		add.w	d0,d5			; d5: y
		moveq	#0,d6
		move.b	(a4)+,d6		; d6: length (unsigned)
		move.b	(a4)+,d7		; d7: dx (signed)
		ext.w	d7
		move.b	(a4)+,d0		; dy (signed)
		ext.w	d0
		movea.w	d0,a3			; a3: dy
		bsr.b	draw_line
		bra.b	.draw_loop
		rts				; waste two bytes (we're gonna save them later)

		; The secret BrazenHum algorithm: d4:x, d5:y, d6:length, d7:dx, a3:dy
draw_line:	movem.l	d3-d6,-(sp)
.loop:		move.w	d4,d0
		move.w	d5,d1
		moveq	#3,d2			; width of ellipse
		moveq	#2,d3			; height
		jsr	_LVODrawEllipse(a6)	; preserves a1, nice!
		add.w	d7,d4
		add.w	a3,d5
		dbf	d6,.loop
		movem.l	(sp)+,d3-d6
draw_done:	moveq	#0,d0			; CLI return code (TnX Depeche for saving 2 bytes!)

sca_logo:	dc.w	3,110,72,50,-1,2	; four stems

		; array of [word dx0 byte dy0,length,dx,dy]
		dc.w	-137			; horizontal top line
		dc.b	2,143,-3,0
		dc.w	593			; horizontal bottom line
		dc.b	95,143,-3,0
		dc.w	-249			; S top
		dc.b	-66,24,-3,0
		dc.w	-91			; S bottom
		dc.b	33,24,-3,0
		dc.w	224			; C
		dc.b	-18,24,-3,0
		dc.w	112			; A horizontal
		dc.b	-18,24,-3,0
		dc.w	-53			; A vertical
		dc.b	33,18,-1,2
		dc.w	0			; end marker

text:		dc.b	"The Mega-Mighty",10,0	; 0 follows anyway, not necessary but we got the space